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The Reborn group was formed by the acquisitions, the merger and the transformation of CEISA Packaging and SEMOFLEX, two French transformers of soft plastic polyethylene packaging. The group build recycling capacities and thus became fully integrated. It is today a major player in the circular economy of plastics in Europe.
CEISA was created in 1962 in Bernay, Normandy. Successively owned by PECHINEY, NESTLE WATERS and the Belgian Industrial Group FARDIS, it was taken over by EXCELRISE in 2004 as part of a disposal plan. During the takeover, the team saved 90 jobs out of 142. The turnaround was rapid swift thanks to the execution of an offensive plan (substantial investment, commercial recovery of COCA-COLA and NESTLE, innovations) and a defensive plan (cost control, adaptation industrial tool).

After the acquisition of its competitor SEMOFLEX in 2013 and two fully devoted years to its successful turnaround, the group is now among the top 15 European manufacturers of flexible PE packaging with a turnover of € 120m.

Strategy and Excelrise
Team Role
Over the past 5 years, we have transformed our portfolio of plastic packaging transformers into a major player in the recycling industry. We have created from scratch new divisions focused on waste collection, R&D expertise, recycling activities and the sale of value-added pellets both for our internal needs and with third-party manufacturers.

By converting post-consumer waste into recycled granulates in the production of films, the group has entered the circular economy on a full footing. This solution improves the LCA impact of the film by cutting CO² emissions by 50% on average.

Our subsidiary XL recycling was created in 2017 to organize the collection of plastic bales from its customers to reintegrate them in its packaging to quickly evolve towards a circular economy. The group has been awarded twice (2014-2015) by COCA-COLA as the best supplier on sustainability criteria.

After 5 years, the Reborn® industrial platform is now an undisputed leader in the recycling of high-quality PE and offers its customers to loop the loop of materials, from recycling of waste to the supply of packaging and plastic films. industrial plants with a high content of recycled materials (

The development potential of this activity is significant, and we want to give the Reborn group financial and human resources allowing it to accelerate its growth.

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